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Hey guys. check out this Velicha Poove cover from Ethir Neechal :)

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Jigarthanda: Details

Admittedly I would have usually brushed this one off without giving it a chance, but Jigarthanda is definitely one for the cinema enthusiasts!

From the moment the film started, I was just gripped, not only in how the story oscillates, but also by the subtle refreshing techniques in cinematography. 

Like ‘Neram’ - it’s one that you just have to watch a few times to grasp the importance and significance of every scene. Quirky music, fresh comedy, and Jigarthanda also ends with such a feel-good ‘punch in the air’ aura!

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Check out this instrumental of Po Indru Neeyaga - Velai Illa Pattathari

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Three: Everything.

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